With C#, build a secure Web API on any platform to reach an extensive range of clients, mobile devices, and browsers.

Web API is an Application Programing Interface over the web that a user can access through HTTP protocol. Utilizing various development languages, i.e., Java, .NET, etc., we build a Web API that sends data as a response and not the html view as Model-View-Controller (MVC) does. Moreover, it gives secure testing capabilities that automatically create a test and import certificate to entitle local HTTPS for running and debugging your apps in the way they deliberate to be.


atQor's team of certified developers design a framework to build web pages as well as services. The endpoints designed by the team are automatic and serializes the classes to format JSON out of the box without unique configurations appropriately. With JSON Web Tokens having integral support, We deliver secure API endpoints for various industry standards. In addition, our policy-based authorization process opens flexibility doors with the definition of powerful access control rules.


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Web API Framework Solutions & Services

atQor's teams of developers design a secure API to build faster accessible HTTP protocol-based web applications. To know more about our development or consulting processes, connect with our consultants.