Increase your organization's overall support experience with Microsoft Premier Support and Microsoft Unified Support Services. 

Microsoft Premier Support alternative comes with the best support plan across Microsoft platforms. At atQor, we have 20+ years of experience offering the best Microsoft support services. Our professional offer a complete suite of Microsoft Premier plan based on your company's need. Microsoft Unified support has replaced Microsoft Premier support and helps users cover all Microsoft technologies for their business. 


Microsoft Premier Support offers services like reactive, proactive, and mission-critical support for various professionals, developers, and on-premises applications using Microsoft Partner networks. atQor, a leading Microsoft Solution Partner company, helps organizations protect their organization and use Microsoft support alternatives to fix problems and offer them improved system based on desired outcomes. 


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Microsoft Premier Support Services


Enterprise Support Services 


It's one of the alternatives to Microsoft Premier Support services that support enterprises to maximize business value at minimum cost. We have professionals who provide total commitment and ensure businesses easily meet their requirements.  

  • Problem Resolution 
  • Remote Diagnosis and Debug  
  • Onsite Support  
  • Software Hotfixes


Enhanced Support Services 


Meet your business needs by adding a unified experience and using enhanced solutions to solve complex problems and maximize investment. Use our best Microsoft Premier support services to tailor your needs.


  • Mission Critical Support 
  • Enhance Designated Engineering 
  • Designated Engineering 
  • Office 365 Engineering  
  • Unified Enhanced Response  
  • Azure Event Management 
  • GitHub Engineering 
  • Azure Rapid Response  
  • Developer Support


Proactive Support Services 


With Proactive support services, businesses can get a tailored experience, eliminate deployment risk, optimize performance, and increase availability. Some of the Proactive support services include, 


  • Empowering Employee 
  • Engage Customers 
  • Transform Products 
  • Optimize Operations 
  • Develop Technology 
  • Safeguard Business 


How Microsoft Premier Support and Microsoft Unified Support Differ? 


Many enterprises use Microsoft to meet their business requirement and use Premier support through Unified support services to get best-in-class service. The unified pricing model might differ based on your industry type and subscription plan. If you need clarification about choosing the best plan, connect to our end-to-end Microsoft support team across the Microsoft platform.  


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Reasons to Choose Microsoft Premier Support Alternatives

Best Response Time White
Best Response Time

It's one of the essential features we offer, as the longer the waiting time, the more revenue the company loses. Therefore, our support team will respond within a few hours.

Dedicated Support Staff White
Dedicated Support Staff 

At atQor, you get the best experienced and dedicated support staff who can handle the customers' technical requirements using the Microsoft Premier support services team.

Support Cost Considerations White
Support Cost Considerations

Most organizations know that outsourcing expertise can increase the overall cost of Microsoft services. But can help in gaining extra benefits by saving you more.

Flexible Contracts White
Flexible Contracts

There are a lot of Microsoft Solutions Partner companies that provide limited support for a limited time. As one of the Microsoft Premier support providers, we offer a flexible plan for customers.

Qualified Experts White
Qualified Experts

As a Microsoft support company, we have an expert team that has served clients across various industries and provides guidance for using Microsoft solutions.

Customized Support Services White
Customized Support Services

Microsoft support offers the best alternative to provide users with excellent custom-level service. Connect with our Microsoft Premier support service provider to fulfill your business requirements.

Why atQor for Microsoft Premier Support Services?

With Microsoft Premier support alternatives, simplify your standard process and don't spend hours on business resolution as at atQor, clients get to work with our top-level experts and add functionality right away using Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Certified Professional Blue Microsoft Certified Professional White

Microsoft Certified Professional

20+ Years Of Experience Blue (3) 20+ Years Of Experience White (3)

20+ Years of Experience

To Get 100% Customer Satisfaction Blue To Get 100% Customer Satisfaction White

100% Customer Satisfaction

Cost Savings Blue Cost Savings White

30-60 % Cost Savings

5X Faster Response Time Blue 5X Faster Response Time White

5x Faster Response Time

Excellent Support And Maintenance Team Blue Excellent Support And Maintenance Team White

Excellent Support and Maintenance Team

Microsoft Premier Support Alternatives for Multivendor

Simplified And Flexible Support Blue Simplified And Flexible Support White

Simplified and Flexible Support

We have the best Premier support staff that helps users provide tracking and monitoring systems. Our support service team encourages businesses to help with multivendor and help them control expenditures.

Vendor Communication Blue Vendor Communication White

Vendor Communication

Our Premier support service helps to manage vendors and communicate with them to aid with resolving technical issues. As a Microsoft support service provider, we understand our responsibility and provide support accordingly.

Bridge Language Gap Blue Bridge Language Gap White

Bridge Language Gap

We have clients across different countries, and we know how to bridge the language barrier and provide effective results. Along with this, we also offer support services based on the time zone and client requirements.


Microsoft Premier Support is part of Microsoft Enterprise Services, enabling users to transform the digital journey using Microsoft experts. Using one of the leading Microsoft solution partner companies is the best option if you want direct support access. They have technical subject matter experts with a dedicated support team that delivers excellent Microsoft solutions based on business and industry requirements.

Support your customer by adding Advanced support for partners and grow your cloud business at the global level. Connect with Microsoft Gold partner company and use the premier support services that help businesses offer the best support plan for your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid requirements.

The account managers can use Microsoft support services to collaborate and get detailed support planning. Get customized Microsoft Premier support services from a Microsoft support partner company and add benefits like creating a business objective, adding proactive services, and extending Premier services based on end customers' needs.

As we know, Microsoft Premier support was retired in July 2022; the Microsoft Unified Support model replaced it. It comes with personalized benefits, getting the maximum return on investment, adding a technical account manager to offer excellent proactive support, providing faster resolutions, and lasting to add an on-demand support model that covers all Microsoft technologies for your entire organization.

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