Benefit the technically perfect app maintenance and support of all web and mobile applications & allow the business to run continuously with consistent profit earning.

As per the global research on software maintenance, most of the brands take support from industry experts. Being a leading software Development & application maintenance organization, atQors’ team assures that the entire mobile & web app management is done accurately for the client’s business improvement. Responding to the requirements of modern enterprises, our team focuses on the creation of an extensive offering to keep the applications updated, relevant to the competitive industry, available, responsive and running steadily.

atQor’s software & application maintenance services cover performance monitoring and management for consistency, support in bug reductions, enhancement as per industry updates, incident management, patch administration, and much more. We provide support to a wide range of industry sectors, like banking & finance, communications & media, consulting & professional services, education, government, healthcare & pharma, hospitality, manufacturing, power & utilities, retails, wholesale, consumer goods, travel, transport & so on.


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Software & Application Maintenance

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The software and application maintenance services market are projected to reach USD 27.83 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 21.2%.


A growing need for business agility and accelerated time-to-market are primary growth drivers.

2X The Audience Reach With Technology Updates White

2X the audience reach with technology updates.

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72% get a faster move on the business performance.

Software Development & Application Maintenance Services

Our skilled professionals will perform quality control, fault correction, and debugging to ensure that the software runs on optimum performance levels. We believe that our job is still not over even after we deliver the product to the customer.

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