Improve the work environment experience of employees & clients through automation in the workflow of business operations.

atQor’s workflow & process automation gives businesses the required solutions and toolsets to implement the operational vision of how the project can be completed in multiple ways. Our team aids with software that allow employees and systems to work in coordination across boundaries - and execute the strategic vision for a streamlined process, repeatable action management, reliable performance delivery, and verifiable automated processes. The presence of a business process workflow supportive technology in place declines the barriers between systems and employees and performs all tasks optimally.


Traditional workflow practices, software, algorithms, and engines do not care where the business systems data exists. atQor’s team automates the workflow & processes using various technological expertise and helps employees connecting with the project and systems data for successful delivery. The technologies can help employees to work within the existing digital environment with a better experience.


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Process & Workflow Automation

Why Process & Workflow Automation

The Digital Process Automation Market White

The digital process automation market is projected to grow from $6.76 billion to $12.61 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 13.3%.

80% Of Management Tasks Get Reduced White

80% of management tasks get reduced.

90 Per

Employees report being burdened with repetitive tasks which could be easily automated.

92% Of Task Allocation Can Be Completed Through Automation White

92% of task allocation can be completed through automation.

Process & Workflow Automation Services

Our adept professionals will examine the entire workflow of the business and come up with a unique solution tailored as per requirements. Incorporating Process & Workflow Automation allows saving substantial resources that one can use elsewhere to add more value to the products and services.

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