Governance consulting services specialize in aligning businesses with trending and emerging technologies to drive high-performing outcomes.

As one of the leading technology governance & planning companies, the atQor team will develop a personalized technology roadmap that will help the business navigating and prioritizing future strategy for successful business growth. With the analysis of technology in the context of the business, we uncover multiple ways of improvements in customer experience, existing business maintenance, and revenue growth.

The team creates plans that remove duplicated efforts within the business drivers and technology for organizational budget determination so that organizations can take a look at the opportunities and consolidate or benefit from trending technologies to streamline operational processes and control costs. In every industry, there are fundamental & structural risks in any organization, but there are few mitigate or eliminable risks too; as a tech expert, we uncover such risks and support with recommendations to narrow down their potential impacts.


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Governance & Planning

Why Governance & Planning

46.2 Per

46.2% of businesses are still building IT governance processes

21.4 Per

21.4% of organizations are already maturely utilizing IT governance with established processes

11 Per

11% Organizations reduced product development overhead costs

80 Per

80% Security breach remediation costs can be reduced


34% productivity of a team can get increased

20 Per

20% revenue growth achievement is possible

Our Governance & Planning Offering

We offer a complete range of intelligent governance & planning that adapts to any business growth:

Business Data Storage Management Business Data Storage Management White

Business Data Storage Management

Business Services, Application Governance Business Services, Application Governance White

Business Services/Application Governance

Tech Disaster Recovery Tech Disaster Recovery White

Tech Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning Business Continuity Planning White

Business Continuity Planning

Risk Management Risk Management White

Risk Management

Network, Carrier Switch Planning Network, Carrier Switch Planning White

Network/Carrier Switch Planning

Governance & Planning Services

Our highly trained professionals will frame a Governance plan for you, irrespective of the organization's size.

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