Reduce the downtime of your business by adding unified support services, the Alternatives to Microsoft Premier support.

Microsoft Unified Support Service offers a modern support solution for businesses designed to match your organization's needs. It supports customers by providing them with complete support coverage for their Microsoft Cloud platform. With 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft Solution partner, we help customers to align and use the technology to get the most value by investing in Microsoft technology. Our Microsoft solution offers a range of implementation and planning across the lifecycle, with supporting customers to plan, design, build, and support in implementing cloud services and platforms.


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With atQor, align your industry prices, gain insights, and get 24*7 assistance for your organization. Our support team provides proactive services to help in security, optimization, implementation, etc. With performance support, we help customers to maximize business outcomes and provide innovative solutions based on their technology investments. As Microsoft support partners, we offer expert guidance to plan and deliver better digital transformation


Comparing Microsoft Unified Support with Premier Support


Unified support replaces Microsoft Premier support as in Premier; the organization buys several hours of support services required based on proactive/reactive support. Use our Microsoft support services team to get a complete support package and add end-to-end managed services across various industries. We have helped clients get 10X times faster response rates among countries like India, the US, and Canada.


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Unified Enterprise Pricing Details


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Microsoft Unified Enterprise support is mainly designed to match up with your business needs and offers comprehensive support to accelerate business value. Experience flexibility and get a unified enterprise to deepen your business engagement and drive an excellent outcome. Additionally, the organization pays for premium support to get unlimited support across all Microsoft products.

Comprehensive Benefits for Microsoft Unified Support Services 

Industry Aligned Rates White
Industry-aligned Rates 

Customers face an increase in support from nearly 50 to 300%. Therefore, our team offers industry-aligned rates based on your business to ease your transition.

Maximum Enterprise Uptime White
Maximum Enterprise Uptime

We, as one of the Microsoft consulting service providers, help users keep their business running well by offering technical support and taking better control over their IT health.  

Comprehensive Coverage White
Comprehensive Coverage

To work more holistically, connect with our unified support team and get complete coverage based on your organization's requirements. 

Receive Personalized Business Guidance White
Receive Personalized Business Guidance

Partner with Microsoft Unified Support provider who can guide you through business challenges and provide expert guidance regarding solutions.  

Predictive Rates To Scale Your Business White
Predictive Rates to Scale Your Business

Get transparent and predictive planning to scale your business investment and reduce your Microsoft spending to invest and grow globally.  

Empowering Businesses To Do More White
Empowering Businesses to Do More

If you have the support of the Microsoft Unified team, you can solve the most complex IT challenges by adding technical training and specialized engineering services.  

Fixed Yearly Support Price White
Fixed yearly support price 

Our unified support core pricing plans are fixed yearly wise. These plans are based on understanding the core performance of the business and its advanced requirements.

Why atQor for Microsoft Unified Support Services?

The unified support service is a program designed especially for cloud services and based on customer requirements. As a Microsoft Solution partner company, we offer a unified support plan that helps users understand the IT priorities and quickly increase IT operations' performance. A few of the support levels are listed below.

Core Support Blue Core Support White

Core Support

Get easy access to solve problems, self-help resources, and other data-driven insights to support users to plan better. 

Enterprise Support Blue Enterprise Support White

Enterprise Support

Our team offers comprehensive support that helps users get the most value from their technology investment.

Advanced Support Blue Advanced Support White

Advanced Support

Get a balance of preventive support while ensuring a business can handle critical issues by adding automatic escalation management.

Enhanced Solutions Blue Enhanced Solutions White

Enhanced Solutions

Connect with our unified support team and get enhanced solutions based on your technology needs and the complexity of your IT challenges.

Performance Support Blue Performance Support White

Performance Support

Add ultimate personalized support with a faster response time and excellent engagement to create plans according to the data available.

Professional Team Blue Professional Team White

Professional Team

Our team tailors your experience by adding a customized unified package according to your business requirements and priorities.


It is an essential part of any business investment, and this is where Unified support services exist. Customers get to use the support plan, which covers Microsoft products for business and other IT priority systems. Users can establish a strong IT organization based on their business needs. You must choose a plan and add the next level of support to your business. Also, the service offers a set of proactive and reactive support service plans based on your cloud spending and overall licensing. 

Unified service management works to quickly establish, simplify, and standardize the delivery process across organizations. If anyone wants to boost their business service operations, USM is the best option. Harness the power of a unified service management platform and help customers revolutionize their business globally.

Schedule a consultation call, and our support team will ask which service works best for you and your business. Later we will connect you our Microsoft consulting services team to get a resolution for your business challenge.

A unified technology stack comes with an excellent solution connecting applications with one platform for seamless integration. One can exchange data with various departments and processes using this integrated approach. Moreover, businesses rely on different vendors and pay for other apps for sales and marketing, business analytics, human resources, finance, collaboration, and more.

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