Empower your business with Microsoft Assessment Services, a comprehensive solution designed to precisely evaluate your technology landscape.

atQor’s industry-aligned Technology Assessment is designed to verify the business objectives and operational needs of an organization. The technological infrastructure, software applications, and tech-resources that support the business, employees, and clients are also assessed to generate a brief report so that the process can get improvised.

The assessment evaluates, how the organization leverages the technology, how its integration with the business processes is, and how the tech team manages and maintains it. Once an in-depth assessment is done and all business objectives and challenges are gathered, our team generates a detailed report showing required changes and occurred errors in an ongoing process.


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Assessment Services

Why Microsoft Assessment Services

11 Per

11% Organizations can reduce product development overhead costs

20 Per

20% Security breach remediation costs can be evaluated


70% Teams productivity increment possibility evaluation is possible


25% revenue losses can be calculated & reported

Our Assessment Offering

We offer a complete range of intelligent assessment reporting that adapts to any business growth:

Server Infrastructure Analysis Server Infrastructure Analysis White

Server Infrastructure Analysis

Network Infrastructure Analysis Network Infrastructure Analysis White

Network Infrastructure Analysis

Network, Carrier Switch Reportin Network, Carrier Switch Reportin White

Network/Carrier Switch Reporting

Virtual Storage Analysis Virtual Storage Analysis White

Virtual Storage Analysis

Network Security Reporting Network Security Reporting White

Network Security Reporting

Microsoft Assessment Services

Over the years, our clients have grown-up their business & their technological understanding has extended with our high-quality Microsoft Assessment Services.

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