Discovering the possible strengths of your IT assets brings well-optimized planning and decision-making capabilities to the business.

The assessment service helps gather user insights that allow businesses to support their teams in better deployments, adoptions & consumptions, and gain long-term performance value from their Microsoft cloud investments and services.


atQor will gather data using 1st or 3rd party tools such as Movere or Azure Migrate or 3rd party tools. We use that data to create cost optimization, TCO comparisons, cloud business case analyses. We then develop a customized roadmap with the most suitable cloud concepts to begin or accelerate our customer's journey to the cloud.


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Microsoft Solution Assessment

Our solution assessment program experts perform


  • Infrastructure Migration of Data & Infra to IaaS / VMs;
  • Application Remediation or Refactoring with an approach to modernization;
  • Analysis of a business’s security posture, evaluating vulnerabilities, identity, and compliance risks with remediation recommendations;
  • An in-depth scan of deployed hardware and productivity software while evaluating security and compliance positions, and much more under the assessment service delivery.

Why Microsoft Solution Assessment Specialist?

Assess And Discover White

Assess and Discover: Helps in gathering accurate data in real-time to identify cloud transition blockers.

Plan And Decide White

Plan and Decide: Discover the priority changes considering cloud-based scalability to increase agility and opportunities identification

Migrate White

Migrate: Define a roadmap for cloud journey with a cost analysis vision to migrate.

Optimize White

Optimize: Measure progress by establishing a utilization baseline to track and achieve milestones using custom migration plans

Our Solution Assessment as a Service Offering

At atQor, we help businesses make data-informed decisions to achieve success in the cloud, now and into the future

Infrastructure And Database Infrastructure And Database White

Infrastructure & Database Migration Assessment

Application And Database Modernization Application And Database Modernization White

Application & Database Modernization Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment Cloud Security Assessment White

Cloud Security Assessment

Modern Workplace Assessment Modern Workplace Assessment White

Modern Workplace Assessment

Curated Assessments Aligned To Business Goals Curated Assessments Aligned To Business Goals White

Curated Assessments Aligned to Business Goals

Understand Business Current And Future Environment Understand Business Current And Future Environment White

Understand Business’s Current & Future Environment

Customized Visualizations & Recommendations Customized Visualizations & Recommendations White

Customized Visualizations & Recommendations

Microsoft Solution Assessment Program

Partner with the right IT asset & infrastructure analysis for smoother business process management with assured data security now.