Regulatory compliance consulting services play a vital role in safeguarding your business's assets and data, thereby fostering trust among customers, prospects, and vendors.

The incident response, cyber defense, data security & monitoring practice can help businesses in ensuring that their system is well equipped to identify cyber threats faster and to fight back with them on an ongoing basis. Our team aids with assured security for your business that reduce risk and improve overall security by Information protection and identity & access management using already in place solution framework and practice. We identify, mitigate, and eradicate threats, advance risk management strategies, and fulfill compliance requirements.

The team perform analysis tasks & determine the risk & upcoming threat arrival possibilities to generate mitigation report with a solution to optimize the security policy, policy enforcement, and disaster recovery. With the report companies get external support in evaluating & designing a customized security architecture taking the unique environment and business needs into consideration.


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Compliance and Regulatory

Why Regulatory Compliance Consulting

29 Per

Only 29% of companies are compliant year after validation

60 Per

60% of companies have adopted Compliance & Regulatory for remote working.

83 Per

83% users believe cyber security integration is important.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting by atQor stands as a beacon of assurance and guidance in today's complex business landscape, where navigating regulatory requirements is paramount for success. At atQor, we understand that regulatory compliance is not just about meeting legal obligations; it's about safeguarding your business's integrity, reputation, and longevity.

atQor’s Offerings

atQor consults and offers services in each of the following areas and beyond.

Automation Of Regulatory Compliance Automation Of Regulatory Compliance White

Automation of Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Reporting Regulatory Reporting White

Regulatory Reporting

Identity Management Identity Management White

Identity Management

Risk Management Risk Management White

Risk Management

Compliance and Regulatory Services

We offer an extensive package of Compliance & Regulation offerings that span across the globe, US government, industry, and region-specific spectra. These standards include CFR21 Part 11, GDPR, and most ISO standards.

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