For years, many industry databases were full of data in long log text files (tab-delimited files). Each entry in such files was updated with multiple pieces of data, i.e., business objects, resources, or employees.

SQL Server is a Microsoft's innovation developed for the relational database management system (RDBMS) with SQL language and Transact-SQL (T-SQL). Microsoft's exclusive language has the competencies of declaring a variable, exception handling, and stored procedures. The SQL Server Database Engine is a core component of the lead SQL Server, and it is accountable for processing, controlling, and securing the data storage.


atQor's SQL Server Service includes Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Reporting Services on Azure, Browser Services, Data Tools, Management Studio, and so on. The database engine is mainly divided into two segments called the relational engine, in which our agent helps you manage process commands and queries. For the second segment, our agents will deliver expertise for the storage engine designs for controlling various features of the database, i.e., indexes, pages, tables, files, and transactions.

Microsoft SQL Server Deployment

Advantages of SQL Server & SQL Server Tools:

  • Streamlined Installation
  • Better Security Features
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Lower Cost Ownership
  • Several SQL Server Editions
  • Excellent Data Restoration and Recovery Mechanism

Microsoft SQL Development Services & Tools

atQor's SQL server consulting team has expertise in the development and designing through which they will guide you in gathering your requirements with boosting strategy for streamlined and ROI generating outcomes. Learn more about your server capabilities from our expert consultants.