A platform has tools for developers and development service providers that integrate the development environment for any language application.

Visual Studio Platform gives flexibility, productivity, collaboration capability, and much more to achieve results of codes. In addition, it has professional development tools to build any app, like CodeLens to improve team productivity, Agile project planning tools, charts, and more.


atQor's Visual Studio Professional provides robust features that quickly read & understand your code. The CodeLens help you with code references to stay focused on work, required changes' recommendations, a display showing last modifications, or discovering the tests expressions passing through the right process as coded or not. It can also extend your mobile development experience and aids you deliver native apps for Windows, Android, and iOS. With the capabilities like unrestricted, professional mobile development, code sharing, and debugging, it makes the development & deployment process easy.


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Visual Studio Platform Services

atQor's teams of consultants can help you define which tools are more appropriate from all tools of visual studio platform for better development and secure deployment. Get in touch with our experienced consultants to get a depth idea of how you can solve all your development problems in one go.