Quickly get your mobile, tab, desk, or web applications working on intelligent algorithms ready with low-code/no-code developments. 

There are now low-code/no-code app development platforms available for various industries in this high-tech world according to individual requirements. Build web & mobile applications (Android and IOS) applications with knowing none of the coding languages. With well-structured architecture and responsive designs, atQor is leading the industry and delivering low-code applications to businesses.


atQor team avails platform to design all layers be it front-end or back-end, within the identical integrated environment. Our platform can be utilized for articulating back-end system Setup Connectors, data exchange transactions defining, creating sequential microservices and server-side business logic implementations, mobile/web user interface, screen flow & local business logic creation, and much more.

Low-Code and No-Code Web & Mobile Applications

Advantages of using Low-Code/No-Code Web & Mobile Applications:


  • Gives space to become digitally active in the business with Faster Go-To Market app development platform.
  • Avails quick Multiple Deployment tools for various requirements.
  • Helps in reducing error rate and increasing accuracy.
  • Saves money and investments in IT hirings and support.
  • Adds strength to the existing capabilities & team performance.

Low-Code/No-Code Web & Mobile Applications Consulting & Services

atQor's Low-Code/No-Code Web & Mobile Applications Consulting team provides help in understanding the usage of low-code/no-code web & mobile application development platforms through which you can enable automatic processing and data generate insights from your own efforts. Dive deep in the process with our consultants and become more productive in business.