Quick application support, streamlined & intuitive user experiences, real-time business insight gathering, easy tech adoption & deployment (on or off-cloud), integration of enterprise data, and much more is possible with just a single collaboration.

The OpenText technology has made business applications easier than usual traditional practices. You can have faster operations on board with increased employee productivity. With single connectivity with experts and experienced tech providers, you can utilize all the capabilities powered by the OpenText platform, services, and certified OpenText experts.


atQor is one of the leading OpenText professional services providers having expert development, designing, and consultation teams with certified experiences. Our team has competencies to add value to your existing IT Infrastructure through Specialized OpenText Consulting Services. We precisely discover how your business can embrace the transforming technologies to drive such additional values innovatively.


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The team can now help you,


  • Creating apps quickly at a cheaper cost with reusable building blocks and accelerators.
  • Have a dynamic, relevant user experience with intelligent, content-rich apps designed for techy smart workspace.
  • Get seamless connections and orchestration with data flows across the lead operations and multiple systems within the business processes.
  • Leveraging pre-built, personalized reports to eliminate the complexity of tasks through a business intelligence tool availability.
  • Building a platform for your expert teams to work collaboratively on any project.
  • Obtain speedy operational cycles to accelerate time to value.
  • With a virtual space and a cloud-native containerized platform to simplify process updates and accelerate the launch of new operations.

OpenText ECM & CCM Professional Services

As an OpenText Services and consultation provider, we avail capabilities to the companies to build increased business operations efficiency with OpenText-based solutions. To get the benefits of our experienced consultants and OpenText advancements, drop us an inquiry.