Control your development cost, reuse your code, quicken your development time, make easy implementation procedures and a uniform platform for the business without losing security.

It is now possible that you do not lose the security of your application and create your own application with lower coding efforts through the Application Development Platform called OpenText AppWorks Platform. Enterprise Application Development has nowadays become more proficient for both business leaders and professional developers as it helps with quick application designing, building, managing, and deploying capabilities.


The platform leverages the subject matter expertise and optimizes the resources to accelerate business through digital adoptions and transformation. atQor’s consultants and OpenText application experts are well trained in helping you adopt such versatile platforms from where you can boost your application performance. Our OpenText application management services can add value to your business processes and accelerates your operational practices.


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OpenText Application Development Platform

OpenText AppWorks Features:

  • Dynamic case management
  • Mobile app development
  • Intelligent automation
  • Low-code development
  • Enterprise integration
  • Flexible deployment


OpenText AppWorks Benefits:

  • Build applications faster
  • Integrate enterprise information
  • Increase developer agility
  • Deliver streamlined, intuitive user experiences
  • Gain real-time business insight
  • Deploy easily, on or off-cloud


OpenText AppWorks is a platform that develops an app with low code to build engaging, intelligent, and easy to integrate or deploy processes through automation. It designs a dynamic case management application for a business with lesser IT involvement. AppWorks mainly automates business operations, streamlines a better process with easy decision-making capabilities, and improves user/employee experiences.

OpenText AppWorks Platform

As a leading OpenText AppWorks Platform and consultation provider, we build high-end development capabilities for your business without involving the efforts of IT professionals. Together we can re-design increased business operations and adopt digital business applications for rapid growth. To take advantage of our Application Managed Services, contact our experts or drop your inquiry on mail, and we will contact you.